Creating a unique art community for all
through in-person and virtual art experiences!

Winter 2022/Spring 2022

In-Person Events


Local Events in Greater Boston!

Join Alex Makes Art for our

Winter/Spring 2022 Event lineup!

Alex will be making art with friends around Cambridge, Waltham, Revere, and beyond. Want Alex to come create in your neighorhood? Give her a shout! 





Crafternoons on Zoom

Learn more about Crafternoons on Zoom, the

perfect program for kiddos and families looking

to get their hands moving and creative juices flowing

with whatever's around the house!

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Private Lessons & Events


Got a birthday coming up? Want to add art instruction

to your next event? Or maybe you just want

one-on-one classes for your kiddo?

Private lessons & custom event booking are

available through Alex Makes Art!



Social Art Virtual Immersion


SAVI is our flagship art class offering;

a series of guided art lessons with Ms. Alex & Gerald

that comes complete with a monthly box of

hand-picked pro-level creative supplies.


Alex Adamo is a mixed media maker and proud mother

of two beautiful hedgehogs. Until recently, she spent her days teaching afterschool in Cambridge and conducting

art events for kids and adults.

Then the world changed, and she took her art instruction online! Through Alex Makes Art she is creating a unique

hybrid art community for kiddos, one craft at a time!


"Alex is authentic, and reinforces

in her kids that important lesson.

Creativity isn't necessarily copied--

it's inspired from within."

Wendy F,

Private Client

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About Alex Makes Art




We make different arts and crafts projects every day at Alex Makes Art,

and our students and parents love to share their work with us!



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