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Alex has a bright palette, favoring anything green. Googly eyes and zig zag scissors are by far her most adored supply in her crafting station. 

“Alex is authentic, and reinforces in her kids that important lesson. Creativity isn't necessarily copied--it's inspired from within.”

Alex Adamo is a mixed media maker, a wide eyed-globetrotter,

a proud mother of two beautiful hedgehogs. Born and raised in Peekskill, New York,

Alex made her way to Massachusetts to pursue her love

of storytelling through photography.


Until recently, she spent her days teaching afterschool in Cambridge

and conducting art events for babies, kids, and adults at hip local venues.

Then the world changed, and she took her art instruction online!


Currently, she's running Alex Makes Art full-time,

hosting  virtual classes and events for the coolest kiddos in the world.

She also does private lessons, home design projects, and guest artist lectures regularly.


Hand-tailored experiences are Alex’s specialty and community, friendship, and inclusion

are huge parts of her programming; bringing people together is one of her truest passions.

Through Alex Makes Art she is creating a unique virtual

art community for kiddos, one craft at a time!


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