Nobody likes lame Zoom birthday parties — so cancel them and move on.


New York Post. Wednesday, October 28 2020


From Farm to Table with Alex Makes Art: The Art of Flower Hammering

Edible Boston. Online exclusive, April 2021

Past Events


Art Workshop for Rubenstein Fellows

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Crafternoon with Alex Makes Art

Monday, March 29, 2021


Lecture: How to Teach Art on Zoom

and Manage Behavior


Kennesaw State University, October 9, 2020


Boston Medical Center Grow Clinic

Annual Holiday Event


Boston Medical Center, December 21, 2020


About Alex


Alex Adamo is a mixed media maker, a wide eyed-globetrotter,

a proud mother of two beautiful hedgehogs. Born and raised in Peekskill, New York,

Alex made her way to Massachusetts to pursue her love

of storytelling through photography.


Until recently, she spent her days teaching afterschool in Cambridge

and conducting art events for babies, kids, and adults at hip local venues.

Then the world changed, and she took her art instruction online!


Currently, she's running Alex Makes Art full-time,

hosting  virtual classes and events for the coolest kiddos in the world.

She also does private lessons, home design projects, and guest artist lectures regularly.


Through Alex Makes Art, she's creating a unique virtual

art community for kiddos, one craft at a time!

Meet the Team!


Gerald Lane


Gerald Anthony Lane is a Brooklyn-based

illustrator, animator, and video editor.

He has worked in a variety of artistic roles:

content creator for NowThis, printer, art framer, freelance graphics artist... the list goes on.

His current illustration work ranges from cute and silly,

to dark and mysterious, and his multidisciplinary approach to visual art allows him to consistently

learn new practices and reinvent his style.

When he’s not at the drawing table, Gerald enjoys

DJing, video games, TED talks, mint ice cream,

and lots and lots of coffee.

Gerald's most recent work can be found here.


Khai Tran

Khai Tran earned his BFA at the Visual Arts

Conservatory at Purchase College in 2015. Since graduating, he has worn a variety of different hats within the art world, from art handling to arts management.

Currently, Khai works mainly as a painter,

and uses his deep knowledge of drawing to create amazing works on canvas.With a background in teaching all age groups, he has facilitated arts workshops at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center as well as

private painting and drawing lessons

throughout Westchester.


Khai currently lives and works in

New Rochelle, New York.

Check out Khai's latest work.




Check out what our friends and families have to say about Alex Makes Art!


"My daughter really

struggles with virtual learning

and I was so grateful to hear your

positivity and encouragement through Zoom."

Lynnise P,

SAVI Parent