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Alexandra Adamo  is an all-around mover and shaker, born and raised in Peekskill, New York. She currently lives in Watertown, Massachusetts with her beloved Otis, the hedgehog. Alex has a bright palette, favoring anything green! She has a deep appreciation for travel, kitsch and human connection.


Alex works with multiple mediums in her personal and professional life. Her home curations are colorful and maximalist and have morphed into spacial + organizational projects in many homes, local and beyond. Alexandra's work with children honors their personality, quirks and individual creative road map. She uses intuition, personal connection and fun as the driving forces in her private art lessons and K-2 classroom. 

Alexandra has studied photography (both in film and digital formats) for the last decade. She uses photography as a way for us to understand her unique interactions with people, places, herself and partner, Kenny. 


If you are interested in an art mentorship, help in hosting a creative event, a photoshoot, a home project or just to chit chat,


please e-mail @ alexandra.rai.adamo@gmail.com