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Alex Talk

"Alex is one of the most hard-working, multifaceted and talented entrepreneurial people I've ever met. She is diligent, trustworthy and possesses a perfectionist's eye for detail. As a self-employed artist and businessperson, I have to be very careful in whom I choose to represent my brand at events- I wholeheartedly trust Alex to be my proxy. She's an excellent salesperson; one I've had people contact me privately about to tell me what a great job she does being my spokesperson. Alex is a delight to work with and I cannot recommend and thank her enough!"

Rebecca S

"You are really killing this self-employment thing. So proud of you! Glad you’ve found something so great to fill your time and your soul during these troubled times!"

Philippa Lehar

"I am a preschool educator and tutor and adore the skills, ideas, and projects from Alex Makes Art. I saw one of her SAVI boxes and it literally is a box full of treasure! She is such a talent and inspiration!!"

Tonella Piroso Ledesma

"Alex is an incredible human with such a talent when it comes to both art and kids! Her ability to connect with kids gets them inspired and excited to explore their creative side!"

Eva Willard-Bauer

"OMG! OMG!!!!! Alex you have done it!!! Fame girl! Wow you are a rockstar! I am so exciting for you!!!!! Congrats to all the Alex makes Art team - you guys are amazing! We needed this, thank you for giving the dreamers a place to play!"

Kaiti B

"Alex's fantastic creativity & enthusiasm. She really loves the kids and makes them feel good about what they are doing! It is amazing how Alex reaches out across the internet and makes every child feel special! She is so creative and loving! Improvements: Nothing. Alex's art classes are phenomenal."

Jennifer H

"Our daughter has taken many classes with Alex and she’s been a lifesaver! Her genuine joy and connection even through a screen is amazing. They chat, connect and craft and our daughter sails out of every session showing her work! We love her! Thanks Alex!"

Phoebe H

"Thank you, thank you! Thanks for going all in on the theme and bringing your kindness, creativity and inclusiveness to really make it work. What a great time. I LOVED hearing the creative birthday wishes for Evelyn. I hope I can find dragon eggs in magical places too :) Thought you would enjoy the birthday present wrapping from Roz. It was a great theme. I’ll pass along your info again to the group and we’ll see you Tuesday. Cheers!"

Heidi Kimberly

"Thank you so much Alex!! Zach and his crew really had a blast! We ran into 2 of the friends from the party at the park afterwards and everyone was talking about what a great time it was! Thank you for making this birthday such a truly special one. Keep up the awesome work!"

Lauren and Naeem

"My twin 10yo sons work regularly with Alex and absolutely love it (and Alex). They get excited about their virtual sessions because she personalizes the projects. In their words, “Alex comes up with the PERFECT projects for us!” And what I love is that she personalizes the interactions as much as the projects. Let’s face it: art is therapy. Alex provides personalized, positive, and creative interactions. But she is playful and silly without ever being patronizing or rigidly didactic. Our boys worked with Alex before their virtual sessions, but now more than ever, she’s worth her weight in gold."

Dave Szymanski

"There is so much to write about the amazing Alex! Alex is the type of person with whom you meet and feel as if you've known for a lifetime. She has this indescribable ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds.Alex is like a ray of sparkly sunshine that spreads warmth. Alex is a phenomenal teacher. She is perky, passionate and punctual. She tailors each lesson to meet the individual interests and learning styles of our children. Her proficiency in countless art mediums is as strong as her supportive and inspiring teaching style. Each week we see our children's self confidence increase. We can't imagine our life now without her. She has truly enriched our daughters' lives in just a few short months. Alex is a true masterpiece."

Debbie Butchbinder

"Our daughter has been taking art lessons with Alex for the last three years in both classroom and private setting, and Alex also organized the art theme and activities of our daughter's birthday party which came out beautifully. Art lessons with Alex are by far our daughter's most favorite extracurricular activity! Alex's enthusiasm is contagious and the art creations my daughter gets to make are super creative, innovative, and unique. I am always impressed with the special creations they produce and Alex's awesome skills in many types of art, but it is not just the art products but really the whole process of the art lesson with Alex that is so special. Throughout the lessons, Alex gives very helpful examples and advice, but also is flexible and listens and lets our daughter experiment and direct her own ideas into the projects. Alex also has a special way with helping the kids overcome challenges in their projects in positive and patient ways which is very important learning and skill development in itself! You can see in all her interactions with kids that Alex genuinely cares about and connects with each child....And it is beautiful to watch both the art and relationship develop as ideas come to life in their creations. Delights are shared, ideas discussed, new skills and beautiful art are created. Throughout various challenges in our family the last few years, the consistency and joy from art lessons with Alex have been a huge blessing , and we are so thankful for these art lessons and Alex in our daughters life!"

Arlene S

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