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Contact Alex

If you want to get in contact with Alex, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Alexandra Adamo

Emerging multimedia maker, creative instructor, experience-facilitator and public artist-about-town.

Photography and collaboration form the foundation for Alex's creative life, and her time as an educational assistant for the International Center of Photography in NYC provided formative experience. After resettling in Boston to experience fine art classes at Lesley University, Alex spent years as an afterschool teacher for Cambridge Public Schools, honing her aptitude for classroom resourcefulness and approach to making artwork accessible for all. Her free hours were spent facilitating creative community events and teaching one-on-one art lessons for the youngsters of greater Boston. 

When the pandemic came, Alex knew that fulfilling, empowering, family-oriented creative programming was as needed as ever, and Alex Makes Art took flight. Many of the artworks displayed in this space are the product of those early AMA offerings — Crafternoons on Zoom, Summer Art Virtual Immersion, and backyard art pods. 

As life started to come back online — or offline — in fits and starts, Alex Makes Art kept evolving. Alex's pivot towards public access programming has been marked by a focus on large-scale interactive experiences for venues including Harvard and MIT; a season of chalk pop-ups for the Revere Office of Travel & Tourism; and public art commissions painted in her own hand. 

What's the next move for Alex Makes Art? Her upcoming planned projects will emphasize intergenerational crafting and cultural connections; continue to engage communities through text, craft, and shared experience; and delve into new audio-visual media.

This gallery and makerspace represents Alex's through line: inviting, encouraging, and cheerleading creatives of all ages and stages as they create, consume, and contemplate creativity. So, come and join! Drop in for a freeform crafting session; consider the gallery wall of student pandemic artworks; sign up for a workshop; or take a deep dive into the public installations Alex has coming down the pike for greater Boston. 

Talk about Alex

"Alex is one of the most hard-working, multifaceted and talented entreprenurial people I've ever met. She is dilligent, trustworthy and posseses a perfectionist's eye for detail. As a self-employed artist and businessperson, I have to be very careful in whom I choose to represent my brand at events- I wholeheartedly trust Alex to be my proxy. She's an excellent salesperson; one I've had people contact me privately about to tell me what a great job she does being my spokesperson. Alex is a delight to work with and I cannot recommend and thank her enough!​"

Rebecca S - Art Community

"Thank you, thank you! Thanks for going all in on the theme and bringing your kindness, creativity and inclusiveness to really make it work. What a great time. I LOVED hearing the creative birthday wishes for Evelyn. I hope I can find dragon eggs in magical places too :) Thought you would enjoy the birthday present wrapping from Roz. It was a great theme. I’ll pass along your info again to the group and we’ll see you Tuesday. Cheers!"

Heidi Kimberly - Event Attendee

"My twin 10yo sons work regularly with Alex and absolutely love it (and Alex). They get excited about their virtual sessions because she personalizes the projects. In their words, “Alex comes up with the PERFECT projects for us!” And what I love is that she personalizes the interactions as much as the projects. Let’s face it: art is therapy. Alex provides personalized, positive, and creative interactions. But she is playful and silly without ever being patronizing or rigidly didactic. Our boys worked with Alex before their virtual sessions, but now more than ever, she’s worth her weight in gold."

Dave Szymanski - Private Lesson

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