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on Zoom


Bring some color into your weekly schedule!

Crafternoons on Zoom uses everyday

household items to create projects that are

modifiable for all ages.


Crafternoons on Zoom takes place on

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

from 4pm - 5:00pm EST.


Sign-up below for a drop-in, multiple classes,

or an entire month of fun! Modifiable for all ages.

Crafternoons on Zoom is a great way to connect with

new and old friends, and families members from

around the globe, via virtual craftin'.

Check out our Crafternoons gallery!


July 2021


Hello there, pals!

After 14-consecutive months and over 150 unique crafts, we are taking a break from Crafternoons on Zoom.


Stay tuned for some of our very exciting new announcements and catch us out and about if you're local to Alex Makes Art! 

We will continue to offer virtual 1:1's, pod enrichment, and online shebangs.

Catch Summer SAVI for an experience like no other! We'll be making your mornings more colorful than ever with our eight virtual weeks of sculpture, illustration, painting, nature, fibers, and more. For additional information, contact

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