I am an interior stylist​, specifier, and purchaser.

My dad has owned a moving and storage business for over 30 years and has a serious knack for both collecting and curating cool and eclectic ephemera. My mom is an earnest minimalist with sparkling floors you "could eat off of!". Our childhood condo encompassed many traditional aspects of feng shui with antiques and oddities at every twist and turn. My home as an adult is a cross between Mid-Century swag and Pee Wee's Playhouse. 


The interior space inside has always been a part of my pulse. I spent a lot of my adolescent weekends organizing objects to furniture and playing human Tetris with putting objects into moving boxes. As I got older, I realized this skill was a true gift and one that many people could use in their lives.


I have worked on blank slates in partnership with my clients to give their home office, extra room, crowded closet or classroom a personality. I help facilitate cleansing, organizing, styling and situating spaces. Below are some spaces that I have organized, purchased for, then styled from head to toe. 

Richard's workspace 

Austin, Texas on South Lamar Blvd.


Child Craft Room

Weston, Massachusetts 


Alex Makes Art, LLC

virtual art programming, online event planning, shop!