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SAVI Gallery

Check out these fun photos of our friends
crafting with us during our 2020 SAVI Classes,

as well as some SAVI unboxing videos!

For more information about SAVI, click here!

SAVI Videos

Here's a look inside our first ever SAVI box!

Our friends Leo and Luigi loved

our Nature (Week 5) Box!

Crafternoons Gallery

Check out this slideshow of our drop-in Crafternoons, filled with kiddos and families from around the globe!

To learn more about Crafternoons, visit this link.

Parties, Shebangs, and Corporate Events

Hand-tailored birthday parties, family events

corporate team building exercises, and beyond...
that's where we thrive!

Take a look at some of the shindigs

we've hosted, both IRL and remote. 
We offer custom box curation with our parties,
making it easy to dive in and craft at any gathering.

To chat more about Alex Makes Art hosting your next event, send on over an e-mail.

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