Hey folks! I am working hard to create stylish and comfortable masks out of my zippy stash of fabrics. These are 100% cotton, advised to wash on delicate and to air dry flat (photo below). The ear ties are handmade from t-shirts to create a comfortable and soft elastic. If you need to adjust these, simply snip and retie or add a bobby pin and find what feels most comfortable.


Please contact me via e-mail if you're interested in masks. I am making these in small batches from home and working on a first come, first serve basis. These are going out for local delivery once a week and being mailed asap.


These masks are free of cost, but a donation is very much appreciated. 

Your donation will help me keep my supplies in stock!

How does sizing work?

I use a 5 x 7 rectangles for children with a 6 inch piece of elastic for each ear. I use 6 x 7 rectangle for both men and women. Men receive a single pleat, Women receive three. The elastic pieces are about 6.5 inches each.  If you have a beard or a longer face, I can sew an extra inch of height. Masks with longer height get a 7 inch elastic. When ordering, please specify how many you would like of either M, W, C or L. Note: children over 6 usually fit a women's size!

How should I wash my mask?

I personally throw my masks into a mesh delicates bag with whatever other laundry I'm doing. I've run them in cold washes and in normal washes. Do not put these through the dryer! Instead, lay them flat to air dry on a towel (see picture below for reference). Running your fingers along the pleat lines while they're wet helps them to keep their shape. 

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