Are those kids in bed yet? Have you hit your wall with binge watching? Are you reading to exercise your mind and hands and chat with some new folks before trying to sleep? Do you miss the interactive "Let's Get Crafty" Events around town? No matter what your situation is, I am here to bring some fun into your late night routine. Or lack there of!

Introducing.. Let's *Virtually* Get Crafty Event that you can do in your pajamas, with household items, and a big fat drink in hand. Or mac n' cheese. Or both. Let's cheers to being alive and well. Let's create our own community. Let's make the best of this pandemic and add some color into our lives.



Join in on the fun

Let's *Virtually* Get Crafty! After Hours Edition

Every Thursday from 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST

$10 or Donation Based. You choose!


I will be offering a weekly crafting session via Zoom each and every Thursday for the foreseeable future. Once you register, I will be sending you over a Zoom ID Login + Password and a Materials List at the e-mail that you have provided me via Eventbrite. You can see what we'll be crafting in advance by browsing through the information below. If you'd like to just hang out and do your own project, that's cool, too!




Thursday, April 23, 2020

Let's work on cork, old tiles or a set of coasters you're ready to revamp. We'll style them up so they can host your favorite beverage asap!


9PM - 11PM

Leaf Bowls

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bring some your most favorite found pieces of nature home from your next walk. We'll be using these to imprint and sculpt into trinket holders.


9PM - 11PM

Rock Cactus

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Let's unload some of that rock collection of yours and turn stones into a cheerful succulent garden! Free of sharp spines and thorns.


9PM - 11PM



Thursday, May 14, 2020

Time to raid that junk drawer, find fun shaped items in your recycling bin and broken toys. We'll be collaging and honoring your favorite color. Mine is lime green :)


9PM - 11PM

Magazine Picture Frames

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Tap into that collection of old magazines and bring and a frame or piece of cardboard to the next level! Will you go full rainbow? Or are you channeling a cool or warm set of tones for this activity?


9PM - 11PM

Nature Magnets

Thursday, May 28, 2020

We'll be using some neat textures from nature to press into clay! Find a variety on your next hike and let's spice up your refrigerator with some homemade magnets.


9PM - 11PM

Tape Resist Paintings

Thursday, June 4, 2020

A colorful and geometric wonder awaits. Your background could be a wood scrap, a canvas in need of a make over, a piece of cardboard... let's see how creative we can get.


9PM - 11PM

Pony Bead Charms

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Grab your favorite cookie cutters, a piece of parchement paper and meet me with a batch of pony beads! Let's get a meltin'.


9PM - 11PM

Garden Tiles

Thursday, June 18, 2020

It's time to give a new life to all of the chipped pieces in your kitchen cabinets. Gather some colorful tiles and let's create a unique piece of art to add to your walkway, garden or to gift to a loved one.


9PM - 11PM


Thursday, June 25, 2020

Above is an illustration of Ghost, my old beta fish. Let's carve a unique image using a styrofoam plate and a sharp pencil. What will you choose to design?


9PM - 11PM

Washi Tape Silhouettes

Thursday, June 30, 2020

Pick a shape, any shape. Now let's go wild with all sorts of coloring adhesives! These silhouettes make phenomenal wall art or one-of-a-kind stationary pieces. Pick some symbols and let's get to it!


9PM - 11PM

Craft TBD


Stay tuned, description in the making!


9PM - 11PM

Keep checking back for updates. I'm hard at work in my home studio putting together some fun Crafternoon ideas!

Below are some other options for virtual fun with Alex Makes Art!


I have officially begun providing virtual one-on-one art lessons! 


I will formulate an interactive art experience based off of the interests of your child. I will then hand tailor a class using the materials you have on hand for a minimum of one-hour.


Virtual lessons are on a sliding scale with a suggested price ranging between $45-$75/hr. 


With many of us creating a new routine in our homes, I am here to host a creative, interactive art experience for and yours.


Your small group may be a Girl Scout Troop, a circle of friends, co-workers, a surprise birthday party, a group of family members, etc. Whatever unique experience at hand, I am here to help make it happen.


I will formulate an interactive art experience based off of the interests of your group or on theme. I will then hand tailor a class for a minimum of one-hour. I will provide a materials list ahead of time so all parties can be prepared to craft together.


Virtual group lessons are on a sliding scale with a suggested price ranging between $65-$125/hr. 


Alright, y'all. This section is in the works but I cannot wait to reveal more information!

I will be curating Virtual Artist Events featuring some of my beloved artist friends and other wonderful makers. 

This will be a donation-based event where you can craft alongside the Artist (and me!) and get to bask in their one-of-a kind style and ambiance, virtually.

Stay tuned. Dates and Artists will be posted reaaal soon.

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