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Mattapan Heights, Boston, MA

BHA Gallivan Boulevard and Mattapan Heights Housing residents are the beneficiaries of this project. Especially Mattapan Heights residents, who will be able to see the sidewalk mural from their windows. 

BCYF Gallivan has partnered with artist Alexandra Adamo to continue beautifying the community center’s space. In 2019 LIFEWTR and Coca Cola invested in BCYF Gallivan by hiring local artist to paint murals on the outside structure. We want to amplify by painting a sidewalk mural that represents the past and present youth and families at the Gallivan Housing Development. Having community input will give members a sense of membership and help build self esteem for many of the youth at Gallivan. 

We received suggestions and approval from the Mayor’s Commission for Persons with Disabilities that the mural will be no wider than 4 feet from the curb (about half of the sidewalk)

The project will be youth led with ideas and implementation from ages 8-17.  Some kid’s ideas for drawings: “ I want to see Gallivan L.Y.F.E” (leading youth forward every), “I want to draw Crocs”, “I want to see a family tree.”, “Community”, “Basketballs”.



BCYF Gallivan staff-Jose Rodriguez, Director, Raymond Heath, Program Supervisor, Jaleel Bell, Athletic Director, Tomeka Hall, Youth Worker, Markeece Chandler, Youth Worker, Trei Hobsons, Athletic Asst., Rose Clayton, Staff Assistant, George Patrician, Custodian. 


Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture


Mattapan Youth: Gallivan Boulevard Development and Mattapan Heights Housing

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