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From Farm to Craft Table

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Mixed media artist Alexandra Adamo and children from twelve Boston-area community organizations have been learning about the wonders of wool. They started their journey watching English Angora rabbits prance and play at Waltham Fields community farm. Building relationships with wool-bearing animals right outside the city gave them a firsthand appreciation for the sheep wool they’d use to wet felt tendrils and roots, create abstract panels for vessels, felt paint a patchwork quilt, and needle felt sculptures.

From Farm to Craft Table brought the Community Farm experience to the young artists, as they worked together to create this community “garden.” This vast landscape of blended green wools with its dangling root system and blossomed seeds represents each child and how they’d like to be seen in this bountiful rainbow dreamscape. Their needle felted sculptures reflect their individuality and what they contribute
to the communities they’re growing in. We all experienced a lack of grounding and togetherness during the pandemic, but through this therapeutic collaboration, Adamo and these young creatives regained their footing by laying down seeds and roots.

Project Contributors

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

MFA CAI Liaison: Rachel Hu

Director of Red Oak After School Program: Harry Lee-Rubin

Angela L. 

Emily G.

Eva P.

Hui S. C. 

Jayden M.

Joyce L. 
Kayla C.
Kayleen M. 
Keith M.
Kingsley X. 

Tiffany L.
Wei Z.C.
Wilson M.
Yining L.

Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club

MFA CAI Liaison: Isabel Cole

Blue Hill Art Director: Jaycob Perez

Anamaria G.
Ashley G. 
Gamaliel A. 
Ghachmiashley G. 
Jakori B.
Jalyn B.

Kat M. 
Khadija B. 
Kristal P-R.
Leilani O.
Maya J.
Neeela U.

Sam H.
Radford O.
William F.
Anabella “Xanders” B. 
Yaheysi O.

Charlestown Boys and Girls Club

MFA CAI Liaison: Kara Stokowski

Charlestown Art Director: Katie McGoff

Charlestown Program Director: Krishna Foran

Alec W. 
Andre H. 
Axel L.
Emily E.

Jadiel G
June N.
Mika S.

Neriha M.
Paige R.
Zoey L.

Gerald and Darlene Jordan Boys & Girls Club

MFA CAI Liaison: Gustavo Barceloni

Chelsea Art Director: Caileadair Holmes

Chelsea Director of Operations: Kelly Lawler

Amy G.

Ashley H.

Celeste R.P.

Dylan R.

Jacob M.

Jhanna E.M.

Jordalaisha R.C.

Jorieth M.P.

Leo R.

Melissa M.O.


Sophia R.

Tania V.

Boys & Girls Club Condon Club

Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester

MFA CAI Liaison: Ivy Davis
Vice President of Programming: Mike Kinsella
Dorchester Art Director: Katy Sullivan

Ashley S.

Delaney D.

Eliana M.

Emilia P.

Gabrielle M.

Jacqueline D.

Jasmin G.

Jeffrey G.

Kenya A.

Leomana A-F.

Lily P.

Naraya D.

Nolan A.

Osman G.

Riano S. M.

Taryn D.

Yawkey Boys and Girls Club Roxbury

MFA CAI Liaison: Jessie James
Art Director: Sydney Dietz
Program Director for Arts, Tech & Gaming: D.P.
Director of Operations: Adam Chaprnka

Arriana M.

Ja’von S.

Ja’vonah S.

Jezlani B.

Kyle J.

Lana R.

Lainey J.

Mahn K.

Malia A. G.

McKenzie J.

Najwa A.

Scarlett R.

Sociedad Latina

Associate Director: Juan Maldonado
STEM Youth Dev Specialist: Paola Carpio Diplan

Armani R.

Avion S.

Betina G.

Chase G.

Dalyaniz G.

Domunique A.

Eliijah G.

Faith H.

Jaryelis Amelie R.D.L.S.

Jefferson M.

Maximus E.

Michell M. T.

Milciades M.

Edgerley Family South Boston Boys & Girls Club

MFA CAI Liaison: Kara Stokowski
South Boston Art Director: Harley Silva Assistant
Art Director: Jennifer Sheehan

Alexandra E.

Genevieve “Gigi” C.

Hannah S.

Harper R.

Haven F.

Julia M.

Kendall K.

Madeline B.

Molly B.

Olivia P.

Reese D.

United South End Settlements (USES)

MFA CAI Liaison: Brenda Echeverry
STEAM & Arts Integration Manager: Elizabeth Sherr
USES Group Leader: Malik Morgan

Adam R.

Amaia G.

Anailys T.

Ariana R.

Callie M.

Charlie L.

Dahlia K.

Eli L.

Eva K.

Francesca C.

Isabella M.

Jacob K.

Jane B.

Kalmen Y.

Letaura D.

Logan M.

Makayla H.

Maryam R.

Messiah H.

Michael S.

Vine Street Community Center 

MFA CAI Liaison: Sabrina Boutselis
Senior Program Director: Nadine Martinez

Anoushka C.

Camila F.

Charlease (Charlie) G.


Desiire A.

Erick M.

Fidelina M.

Helen M.

Hope A.

Jarienny S.

Jessica O.

Johanelly M.


Laura W.

Liam R. B.

Merra A.

Samantha L.

Sinthiia H.

Stephanie H.

Tatianna O.

Valerie D.

Valerie L.

Walleska O.

Wendy M.

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