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Alex Makes Art is a full-time artist and business owner, merchandiser, curator, supply/material operations, event coordinator, copywrite, performer, mentor, public speaker, space creator, muralist and activist. 

...It ain’t easy doing it all, and it’s time she asks for help!


There are countless ways to show up for Alexandra Adamo of Alex Makes Art, starting with a positive like, share, or subscribe on social media. With no paid advertising, sponsorship, or donors, Alex Makes Art has risen up through word-of-mouth and by her showing up and making s%$# happen. Your genuine endorsement means more than you can imagine.


Are you following along on Instagram? Facebook?

Have you written a testimonial for Alex?

These are things you could do right! Now! to show your support.

More ideas on how to be an ally?


Offer Alex and her Team some material support. Get in touch and find a time to visit us at the studio and have your hand in packing. Purchasing, donating, and distribution are also ways you can assist. There are many supplies in constant rotation or on our wishlist that we'd be thrilled to inherit. 

Kit Testers! Would you be up for creating project samples with 1:1 mentorship from Alex?

You could even make content for social media while doing so!


Clean-up crew, could this be you? Lend and afternoon to paint brush cleaning, marker testing, glue consolidating, etc. We are constantly needing to upkeep in order for this spankin' collection of materials in tip top shape.

We are always accepting













Help Alex Makes Art Build a Resource Library!

Alex Makes Art would love to build a strong resource library of community art supplies, machinery, useful guides, and art-related books to use at residencies, pop-up spaces, outdoor classrooms, and at community events! Alex Makes Art is able to teach and empower countless individuals through craft, and her art supplies are in constant rotation in the communities and neighborhoods she visits.

Your donation will help Alex Makes Art build up a steady supply of materials, and to afford many sought after materials that are not in her budget. When Alex is out in the community, giving access and inclusion to any curious passerby is a massive part of her mission. With your help, Alex Makes Art will always have enough materials on hand to encourage anyone at anytime to join along get their craft on! Alex is also a strong believer of giving a quality experience. Using the right materials makes the project more efficient and that much better. Having the right supplies also builds confidence, skillset, and art vocabulary! Alex would like to be able to provide top-notch art supplies to anyone interested in learning. For the last handful of years, Alex has paid out of pocket for the majority of her supplies and can use support with her audience growing and outdoor reach extending.

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