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Alex at Work


  • Who can collaborate with AMA?
    Alex Makes Art is always looking to collaborate with everybody who’s anybody. Bringing a fun and positive attitude to an environment is where Alex thrives. Are you ready for it? Communities in an intergenerational crafting experience. Alex enjoys working alongside other women in business, marginalized groups; LGBTQIA+, city planners.
  • Who is your clientele?
    Communities! Folks of all backgrounds, ages, experience levels, and interests. Everyone has a creative spark inside them and I’m looking to help activate and ignite that! I have worked alongside a wide range of families. Solo folks. Neurodivergent. Elders. Queers. Neighborhoods. Schools. Community Centers. Hospitals.
  • Who are you?
    A mixed media maker. Lover of kitsch, craft, travel, and snacks. Quadskater that rolls with the SkateHags. Wife. Activist. Mother to a very naughty english angora rabbit and african pygmy hedgehog. Notable potluck host.
  • What kinds of prospects/programs do you offer?
    Igniting process play. Honoring individuality. Accessibility for every level and experience. Thrives off the curious thinker and have a superpower for troubleshooting. Building confidence through crafting. Homeschool Groups Team Building
  • What are some of your former experiences?
  • What mediums do you feel confidence in?
  • How much is an AMA Event?
    Pricing depends on a handful of factors, for example: length of event, space accommodation, how exciting the proposal is, material cost Curatorial Packing fees Demo Programming Transportation Snacks Cancellation Fee Private Birthday Party begins around $500 Chalk Activation starts at $550 Half Day for Event begins around $5,000 Full Day for Event begins around $10,000 Mural Assistant begins at $300/day Mural Rate begins at $1000/day
  • What makes you feel fulfilled at an event?
    The right balance of snacks. My perfect energy day consists of:
  • Is photography allowed at AMA events?
    Photography is highly encouraged! Bonus points if you send ‘em to or tag them on instagram. You can join this Facebook Group to show off some of the projects you’ve done at an AMA Event and chat with other participants.
  • How can I contact or connect with Alex?
    Here is a link to the Contact Page. Huzzah!
  • What are past links to past experiences with Alex Makes Art?
    You can view events and activations done by Alex here. See Alexandra Adamo of Alex Makes Art latest exhibition at this link.
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