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Cambridge, MA

September - October 2023

1_Mural Outline w Color.jpg
2_Mural Outline w Color.jpg

The mission of the Pemberton Street Mural was to build community through a shared experience of creating a mural. The design, a series of swirls holding a more detailed painting allows involvement at a variety of levels.

Whitney Van Praagh, Alexandra Adamo, and Kit Collins worked with interested students, neighbors, and community members who joined them in the painting through out September and October 2023.

We are grateful for the participation and collaboration from you!

Peabody Elementary, Rindge Avenue Upper School, Gately Community Center, Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, The Peabody Preschool, The Peabody Afterschool


The O'Neil Branch Library, Cambridge Public Library - Main Branch


Together we will develop a shared ownership, pride, and a communal experience. 

See how the mural came to life! @pemberton_mural_project


Meet the Artists


Lead Artist

Whitney Van Praagh

A resident of Cambridge and mom to three children in the Cambridge public school system. Whitney is a muralist, illustrator and after-school teacher.

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Community Liaison, Artist

Alexandra Adamo

Mixed media artist, public muralist, and the owner of Alex Makes Art, LLC. Alex leads creative crafting experiences that are intergenerational and inclusive to all.

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Kit Collins

Public artist, muralist and illustrator based in Medford and works throughout greater Boston. She seeks to create opportunities for engagement, delight and celebration.

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The History of the Pemberton Mural Project

Cambridge Mural History.jpg

The Pemberton Street Mural is a unique public art project that was identified and funded through Participatory Budgeting. This democratic program allows the citizens of Cambridge to directly decide on the spending of a part of the city budget. In 2023, the voting public secured $140,000 for three public murals!

One of those walls was identified as Pemberton Street (woo-hoo!) with the specific goal to be completed with the assistance of students in the community.

Original Mural by Phil Pare, Ryan Sheapare and Alex Lukas in 2004

Reading List Recommendations

Hey, Wall

By Susan Verde, John Parra

Drawing on Walls: Story of Keith Haring

By Matthew Burgess, Pictures by Josh Cockran

Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood

By F. Isabel Campoy and Theresa Howell, Illustrated by Rafael Lopez

Street Craft

By Rikka Kuitti

Recommended for Middle + High Schoolers

Drawing Book: Make a World

By Ed Emberley

Keith Haring - The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing

By Kay A. Haring, Illustrated by Robert Neubecker

Radiant Child

By Javaka Steptoe

Everything Naomi Loved

By Katie Yamasaki

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